Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Simple Things in Life

Have you ever gone to a party and completely fallen in love with a dish, then you find the person that made it and learn that it is actually really simple and has only a few ingredients? Food doesn't always need to be overly complicated and have the most trendy and exotic ingredients. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things. Just a few classic ingredients that when put together.... YUM!

That's what this potato salad is. I remember the first time my awesome friend Michelle had this recipe at a party. I remember telling her how much I loved it and asking how it was made, I was shocked at how simple it was! It's just a really good potato salad. Of course it makes sense that she would have a fabulously simple recipe like this because potato salad is in her blood (well figuratively not literally, LOL). Her grandparents own a deli in New York, so her mom was pretty much raised around these sorts of classic deli treats and she passed them on to Michelle.

When Michelle gave me this recipe she just gave me the list of ingredients and said that taste testing is the best way to go. Since this is a food blog I'll go ahead and give you the measurements that I used, but remember, TASTE TASTE TASTE. It's the only way you'll end up with your own perfect potato salad. Also, I should mention that I did ask for permission before posting this recipe. She said as long as I gave a shout out to her family it was fine. :)

My Friend Michelle's Family Potato Salad
(Source: My friend Michelle and the generations before her)

Red potatoes (I bought 3 3 lb bags and after picking out the very smallest ones I probably had 6-7 pounds)
8 boiled eggs chopped into small pieces
2 boiled eggs sliced, for topping
1 smaller jar (15 oz I think) HELLMAN'S mayonnaise (brand is very important according to Michelle)
2 tbsp milk (Michelle didn't say milk but I used some because I was worried I didn't have enough mayo)
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp celery seed
3/4 tsp salt (plus some for the water when boiling the potatoes)
A few sprigs of parsley and some paprika for garnishing

Boil the whole red potatoes with the skin on.
While the potatoes are boiling combine the mayonnaise, black pepper, celery seed and salt. I added each ingredient 1/4 tsp at a time taste testing in between to make sure I had the right amounts. Set the mayonnaise mixture in the refrigerator until it's time to combine with the potatoes and eggs.
When the potatoes are done (mine took about 26 minutes) drain the water and let cool for a few minutes. When the potatoes are cool enough to handle start peeling and chopping the potatoes into bite size pieces.
Put 1/2 of the potato pieces and 1/2 of the eggs in the container (I used an aluminum pan that was about 9x13 and 3 inches deep). Top with 1/2 off the mayo mixture and carefully stir with a rubber spatula. Top with the remaining potatoes, eggs, and mayo. Carefully stir with a rubber spatula again until the potatoes are well covered. Finish with the sliced egg, parsley and paprika for a pretty presentation.


  1. I love when you ask someone about a recipe and find out it's really simple! That is the best type of party food... easy to make and easy to share. And I think it's just about potato salad season :)

  2. Looks soo yum! I bet curry powder would be nice too.

  3. This looks wonderful and perfect for picnics this summer!

  4. Recipes like this are my hands down favorite kind :)


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