Saturday, November 1, 2008

Political Cookies

I have been debating whether on not I would put these on my blog. Politics can be a pretty sensitive subject with a lot of people and I don't really want to start any debates. But, after careful thought, I decided I would share these cookies with my readers (all 2 of you :)) Not just because these cookies are adorable (which they are) but also because I am proud of my candidate and I think it's OK for people to know that. The last presidential election was my first time voting for the President. At that time I felt like I was voting for the "lesser of two evils". I really wasn't excited about either candidate but I voted anyway. This time around I am actually EXCITED about someone. On that note, if you agree with me, then go Barack the vote! If you don't agree with me, then go out and vote! Sure I wish you would vote for my candidate but this America and everyone deserves to have their voice be heard!

Obama Sugar Cookies

I used this sugar cookie recipe. Then I made a big batch of Wilton's buttercream icing. I split it into three and colored one batch blue, one batch red and left one batch white.

To create the Logo design:

Step 1
Pipe a white circle around the edge of the cookie

Step 2
Pipe one half circle with white icing in the middle of the cookie

Steo 3
Pipe 3 diagonal white lines under the half circle.

Step 4
Using Red icing, fill in between the white lines

Step 5
Using blue icing and a zig zag motion fill in the space between the outer white circle and the inner half circle.

Step 6
Step back and admire you work then take a batch to your local campaign office. Then go VOTE!


  1. Beautiful cookies!! Iced sugar cookies are my favorite. Go Obama!!

  2. These look so awesome! Great job decorating. GO OBAMA! Woot!

  3. Great cookies, great candidate, hopefully future President!

  4. Those look great! I did my voting early, and it was so easy.

  5. And another Obama Grandmama from Indiana!!! Those are terrific! Two more days!!!!!!

  6. I love these cookies, and I feel the same way - it's so awesome to be voting for someone you are EXCITED to vote for! Go Obama!

  7. Your cookies are adorable. Great job.

  8. Jessica, the cookies are adorable! It looks like now you're going to have to work on a celebration cake! Can't wait to see you Thursday kiddo!
    Aunti Ari


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